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Case Results


Mike Walker secured the largest settlement in the United States in a “Revenge Porn” case.

$100,000 in Compensatory Damages & $500,000 in Punitive Damages


Client was traveling with his son on Interstate 75 when an 18 wheeler crossed the median and struck their truck head-on. The client suffered multiple fractures to his leg and arm, both of which required internal hardware (rods).

$3,300,000 Leg Fracture with Rod Placement and Arm Fracture with Rod Placement, Multiple Surgeries


Client stopped for an emergency vehicle and was hit by a large construction truck. She sustained a laceration to her head, injured her neck and jaw, both of which required surgery. She also sustained a mild traumatic brain injury (MTBI). Her injury was heavily disputed. Other defenses included that her neck and jaw conditions were pre-existing and most likely caused by two prior accidents. After extensive litigation, the case resolved shortly before trial.

$1,250,000 MTBI, Cervical Fusion, TMJ Surgery


Client was exiting Interstate 75, attempting to merge off, when he was rear-ended. Due to the position of his body, the impact forced his face into the side window of his car causing a rupture of his left eye. The eye was subsequently removed. The case resolved after being litigated.

$1,050,000 Left Eye Rupture and Removal


Client was on his way to work as a letter carrier for the U.S. Postal Service. A car pulled out from a side street causing the client's car to t-bone the at-fault car. Client suffered multiple fractures to his lower leg (tibia and fibula) and near the ankle and a fractured knee cap (patella). His knee cap was surgically removed and his leg fractures were treated with external hardware. There is a good probability his ankle will need to be fused in the future. His injuries caused him to be disabled from his work as a Postal Carrier. The case resolved shortly before trial.

$1,000,000 Fractures of Lower Leg and Knee


Defendant ran stop light and the client injured his neck and low back which resulted in surgery/fusion on both. Case resolved without litigation.

$650,000 Neck and Back Fusion


Client was a passenger in a truck involved in a sideswipe type collision with a Postal vehicle. The case was governed by the Federal Torts Claim Act. Client had a 25-year history of back problems, surgeries, and disability relating to his back, chronic pain and mental health issues. After a five (5) day trial, a Judgment was entered in favor of the client. (It should be noted that the offer prior to trial was under $10,000.00)

$356,135 Back Surgery After Multiple Prior Back Surgeries & Mental Health Issues


Client was a passenger in a rear-end collision which resulted in little to no apparent property damage. Three years earlier she had injured her back on the job, had undergone a low back fusion, and was granted SSD by her injury. She had started working (came off of SSD) shortly before being rear-ended. She aggravated her lower back and underwent a second surgery. This case was resolved after extensive litigation.

$300,000 Back Surgery/Fusion: Prior Back Surgery & Disability; Low Property Damage


Client, who was homeless, was riding his bicycle through a parking lot when he was struck by a work van attempting to pull into a parking spot. Client suffered an injury to his shoulder and neck which required surgery. After extensive litigation, the case was resolved.

$270,000 Shoulder Reconstruction and Neck Surgery