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Category Archives: Police misconduct

Wrongful Death Case Settled For $6 Million

By Mike Walker Law |

On Monday, March 14th, the family of a young man who was unfortunately the wrongful death victim of a police shooting in 2010 finally settled their case for $6 million. Although the details of the incident can conflict (depending upon who is relaying the facts), what is known is that the police officer stepped… Read More »

Police Brutality & Personal Injuries

By Mike Walker Law |

Unfortunately, police brutality seems to be a regular part of our news feed these days—both in and outside of Florida—particularly now that people have the ability to use their camera phones to capture what would otherwise be one person’s word against another. For example, according to the 2010 National Police Misconduct Statistics and Reporting… Read More »

Florida Deputy Sheriff Acquitted In Wrongful Death Lawsuit

By Mike Walker Law |

Over the past several years, Florida has drawn unwanted attention in connection with the shooting of 17-year old African American, Trayvon Martin, who was shot by a neighborhood watch volunteer. The shooter, George Zimmerman, claimed that he had the right to defend himself with lethal force based on Florida’s Stand Your Ground statute. A… Read More »

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