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Category Archives: Premises Liability

Florida Hotels Hacked: Is This A Premises Liability Issue?

By Mike Walker Law |

On August 15th, the Orlando Sentinel reported that an undisclosed number of people who had used their credit cards at hotels such as the Sheraton, Westin, Hyatt, Marriott, and others may have had their personal information stolen as a result of the payment systems for these hotels being hacked into. Specifically, investigators found malware… Read More »

In Spite of Zika Virus Outbreak in Florida, Children Return to School

By Mike Walker Law |

Close to 8,000 students returned to schools in severe Zika virus outbreak zones, all the while officials are still scrambling to contain the outbreak in two Miami neighborhoods in particular. With the hope of ensuring that more and more children do not contract the virus, the Florida Department of Health and public school district… Read More »

Florida Tragedy Involving the Death of Two Teenagers Could Point To Premises Liability

By Mike Walker Law |

Another terrible tragedy emerges in Florida: On July 25th, two young men who were shot at a kids’ event being held at Club Blue in Fort Myers were pronounced dead; one of them was only 14 years old and the other 18.  Sadly, this incident comes only six weeks after the shooting that took… Read More »

Florida Proposes Tripling the Level of Carcinogens That Can Be Polluted Into State Waters

By Mike Walker Law |

In an announcement that has shocked consumer health advocates and environmentalists, the Florida Department of Environmental Protection (DEP) has indicated that it is revising its standards for the presence of 82 toxic substances in Florida’s water system, even though many of these toxins are known carcinogens. In fact, according to the article, of the… Read More »

“Is It Safe To Frack In Florida?”

By Mike Walker Law |

On May 9th. Newsweek featured an article addressing whether it is safe to frack in Florida. Fracking—aka hydraulic fracturing—has been controversial in many states, including Florida, not only for its impacts on the environment, but on the people located close to the activity. In fact, it’s such an issue that a number of cities… Read More »

When Is A Nuisance A Premises Liability Issue?

By Mike Walker Law |

The New York Times has a regular feature called “Ask Real Estate,” where you can list issues that you are having with regards to your rented property, and seek advice. The theme of those posted and addressed on March 19th was nuisance; an act which causes annoyance, offense, problems, and/or injuries. Plenty of behaviors—from… Read More »

Gyms On the Rise In Florida: What Does This Mean Regarding Liability And Customers?

By Mike Walker Law |

The expansion of fitness centers in the sunshine state inevitably indicates that more and more people are interested in getting involved in a more health lifestyle that includes exercise. For example, Florida now has close to 200 CrossFit gyms alone. But what does this increase mean in terms of making sure consumers are safe… Read More »

Florida Supreme Court Upholds $4.5 Million Wrongful Death/Premises Liability Verdict

By Mike Walker Law |

The Florida Supreme Court recently upheld a $4.5 million verdict for the wrongful death of two young adults (Ciara and Chauncey Sanders, 20 and 17 years old) who were shot and killed in their home ten years ago in part due to the negligence of the building owner, who failed to fix a security… Read More »

Fort Lauderdale Hotel Found Responsible in Wrongful Death Suit

By Mike Walker Law |

This summer, a jury trial verdict awarded $24 million to a widower whose pregnant wife (Alanna DeMella) was sadly killed in an accident at the hotel three years ago. Specifically, Alanna was killed when a drunk driver (Rosa Rivera Kim) drove into a cabana at the Riverside Hotel where she was sitting. Specifically, in… Read More »

Florida Ferris Wheel Malfunctions

By Mike Walker Law |

This Fourth of July, many families celebrated America’s independence by going to a county fair and taking their kids on many of the rides offered there. However, Florida has a history of accidents occurring on these rides, necessitating some caution. For example, this year, 66 people had to be evacuated from the “East Coast’s… Read More »

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