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Nicoletti Walker Law Group Dec. 1, 2014

This past October, a car crashed into a Miami sidewalk café and injured 10 people. The 71-year-old driver of a Toyota Camry “careened onto the sidewalk and plowed through” Lemoni Café around 4:00 p.m. Fortunately, the driver did not seriously injure anyone. One woman, however, broke her foot during the crash.

Apparently, the area where the outdoor seating area had been located was “an accident waiting to happen.” Street repairs have been going on in the area for several months and the road has been bumpy. Furthermore, it seemed to be a well-known fact that the outdoor seating had been placed too close to the street. Yet nothing had been done about the seating or the road conditions.

Car Crash Victims Sue Restaurant and Driver for Negligence

Now, 3 of the 10 victims who were injured in the car crash have filed a lawsuit against the restaurant, the driver of the car, and the company that owns the property. In the complaint, the victims allege that all three defendants were negligent.

In regards to the restaurant and the property owner, the complaint alleges that the defendants “placed a sidewalk café in an area with insufficient width to accommodate the safety of its customers.” Additionally, the complaint also claims that the restaurant “failed to properly obtain a permit to operate a sidewalk café.” The plaintiffs believe that the driver negligently operated the car because the driver drove “inattentively” and plowed into tables and café guests.

One of the three victims in the lawsuit was pregnant at the time of the crash. Emergency personnel transported the woman to Mount Sinai Hospital to be treated for her injuries. Emergency personnel also transported another one of the plaintiffs in the lawsuit to a different hospital, Jackson Memorial Hospital. The hospital treated the individuals for injuries and released them.

The complaint does not specifically state what injuries the victims suffered in the accident. Instead, the complaint states generally that the plaintiffs suffered physical and emotional injuries. All three victims are seeking financial compensation for their physical injuries, lost wages, medical expenses, and emotional pain and suffering. In negligence cases, and more specifically car accident cases, these are the types of damages that a plaintiff may seek to recover. Depending on the severity of the accident and the injuries, financial compensation may range from several thousand dollars to hundreds of thousands of dollars.

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