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Nicoletti Walker Law Group Aug. 31, 2016

Recent reportings of exploding sunroofs and cracking windshields—particularly when it is extremely warm outside—have placed many consumers in a panic. According to the experts, while stress cracks can occur, they are often due to a poorly constructed windshield, or negligent auto repairs and/or installation. And while hundreds of sunroofs spontaneously break each year, a common cause for these occurrences has yet to be identified, although it is suspected that if there is a vulnerable spot in the roof, extreme heat can then lead to further destruction of the glass, sometimes leading to breakage and severe injuries.

Although the ultimate cause is often difficult to identify, there are instances when either a defective product or defective work negligently causes drivers and passengers to be injured by these types of hazards. In these instances, if you have been seriously injured and now have to deal with medical and other expenses as a result, typically you and your attorney will first look at all of the various parties that could be to blame in the incident, and whether there have been similar incidents linked to those same parties.

An Unfortunate Pattern

Unfortunately, the issue of exploding sunroofs has become so prevalent that it has now caught the attention of federal safety regulators. There have been quite a few complaints filed with the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, and there are clear patterns amongst drivers of certain types of vehicles. Specifically, the Administration is now investigating 2011-2013 Kia Sorentos, and has asked for information from other carmakers, including Nissan.

There are steps that can be taken to protect yourself: Some have suggested leaving your windows open a crack, placing some duct tape over any crack in your glass to hold it together, and eventually covering the entire sunroof in duct tape until it can be fixed.

Reach out To Us for Help

Some accidents occur simply due to circumstances that no one could control—natural wear and tear on a car, extreme weather conditions that cause or contribute to a particular defect, etc. However, sometimes these accidents, and the serious injuries that result, can be linked to the careless or intentional conduct of another person. Recovery from these injuries can be time-intensive, expensive, and may not ever restore the injured person to the way they were prior to the accident. Nonetheless, pursuing the party who caused the accident can send a strong message that their behavior is unacceptable and provide you with assistance in dealing with medical bills, treatment costs, lost wages and pain and suffering.

If you’ve dealt with injuries as the result of an exploding sunroof, contact Mike Walker today in Clearwater. He will help discuss your options and provide you with some next steps in a free consultation.