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Nicoletti Walker Law Group Nov. 7, 2014

A 2012 car accident in Hallandale Beach that left one woman dead has lead to charges against the driver who caused the accident. Mohammed Nasir Anwer was driving his 2001 Volkswagen and weaving in and out of traffic at speeds estimated near 100 miles per hour in a 35-mph zone. Anwer, travelling westbound on Pembroke Road, apparently lost control of his car and slid into the oncoming eastbound lanes.

Anwer’s car slid into the path of two other vehicles. Selicea Middleton, a passenger in Anwer’s car, flew through the open sunroof upon impact. Middleton suffered severe brain injuries in the crash. Emergency personnel rushed her to the hospital, where she tragically died eight days later. Two other individuals suffered broken bones in the accident.

Police have now just charged Anwer with vehicular homicide in connection with the 2012 crash. Police arrested Anwer, and he was released from jail after posting a $3,700 bond. After the 2012 accident, Anwer suffered his own serious accident that has significantly impaired his memory. Just this year, Anwer, while riding his bicycle, was hit by a Land Lover that left him with critical brain injuries.

Vehicular Homicide Under Florida Law

Under Florida law, vehicular homicide is defined as the killing of another human as a result of operating a motor vehicle in a reckless manner likely to cause death or great bodily harm. Anwer’s alleged actions during the 2012 accident would appear to meet the definition of vehicular homicide: He drove his car at 100 mph, nearly three times more than the speed limit. Furthermore, he did this while weaving in and out of traffic. This question is whether a jury will find that these actions, if proven true, constitute reckless conduct likely to cause death or great bodily harm.

Depending on the circumstances, a vehicular homicide charge can carry penalties of varying severity. A vehicular homicide charge can result in a first or second-degree felony conviction. A first-degree felony conviction can carry a 30-year imprisonment term and a $10,000 fine. A second-degree felony can result in imprisonment up to 15 years and up to a $10,000 fine.

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