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Nicoletti Walker Law Group Oct. 15, 2015

During the month of September, news of severe brain injuries suffered by high school football players has been pervasive in major news coverage, ranging from ABC News to medical publications. But are these injuries truly “mysterious”? These young athletes experience high impact blows at least several times a day in practice or in games, sometimes leading to a loss of consciousness, concussions, nerve injuries, brain bleeding, etc. And sadly, they are not limited to football players: young athletes whoplay rugby, lacrosse, hockey, etc. experience similar traumatic brain and other injuries while playing these high impact sports.

“Minor Concussions” Lead to Something More Serious

Doctors have noted that repetitive concussions that are frequently unreported and untreated in teens can build into much more serious issues later in life. One of these disorders is known as chronic traumatic encephalopathy, whereby the brain degenerates and experiences aggression, depression, memory loss, and an increased risk of developing dementia.

Think that concussions are rare and limited to players not wearing helmets or only those who play certain positions? Actually, close to 50 percent of high school football players report concussions every single season. In addition, studies indicate that chronic concussions can lead to more severe neurological and even mood problems, sometimes even suicidal thoughts.

Previous Lawsuits

Sadly, this issue has previously had fatal consequences in Florida. Particular school districts have been sued after the schools’ negligence resulted in high school football players dying after football practice, specifically after practicing three times a day in the severe heat, then passing out and eventually dying from heatstroke. Other lawsuits around the country have been brought against football organizations after teens experienced severe spinal injuries and were left quadriplegic.

It is the responsibility of school officials and/or an organization that runs sports programs to provide a safe environment and address any issues that could lead to injuries. If they fail to do so, injured victims can seek compensation for their medical bills, as well as damages for psychological and emotional injuries and potentially punitive damages. Coaches and institutions have, at times, knowingly sent these teens back out to continue these activities even after they exhibit symptoms, such as one player who collapsed and reported that he could not feel his legs, but was told to return to the game.

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