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Nicoletti Walker Law Group Feb. 12, 2016

Several events that took place in Florida on or around Martin Luther King Jr. day have officials and citizens wondering who should be held responsible for the various injuries and other damage done because of the negligent (and even intentionally reckless) actions involved.

Bikers Flood Streets on MLK Jr. Day

On January 18th, hundreds of motorcycles drove through Florida’s streets to celebrate the “MLK Rideout tradition.” However, after several people were severely injured in Fort Lauderdale and Miami-Dade, many wondered if this “event” was indeed a negligent one; particularly given that some bikers even drove on the sidewalks, the wrong way down a one-way street, and through red lights. Police found themselves having to confiscate illegal bikes and even ATVs, fearing that there would be yet another year of severe accidents between cars on the road and the bikes.

Regardless of whether a motorcycle driver was participating in an event or not, anyone injured by a motorcycle due to the driver’s negligence can hold that individual responsible for their injuries and damages. In addition, anyone associated with organizing the event could also be held personally liable, pending any insurance policy that applies (if it applies) protecting the corporation, nonprofit, or group of unincorporated individuals who organized the event. Indeed, any “club” that held this event—as well as the city or cities involved—can be sued for failing to properly warn about the event (as well as any associated negligence).

Shark Dumped In Condo Swimming Pool

In another reckless incident that placed others’ lives in danger, a five-foot blacktip shark was dumped in a swimming pool at the Mariners Cay condo in Hypoluxo. Those who saw it happen are speculating that it was done as a prank, however, those responsible could be punished not only for animal cruelty, but for endangering the lives of others; specifically, blacktip sharks have bitten close to 30 humans at least in the state over the years. In addition, the species is listed as near-threatened, which could carry state and federal consequences for harassing an imperiled species.

How could anyone injured by the shark in question hold those who dumped the shark responsible, given that the people who dumped the shark did not own the shark? In fact, if the condo had been put on notice about the shark and permitted the animal to remain on the premises, the condo could be held liable for any associated injuries. In addition, the individuals who dumped the shark could have a claim filed against them for negligence.

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