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Nicoletti Walker Law Group July 13, 2016

Most-everyone has heard about the recent tragedies in Florida, one involving a shooter taking the lives of 50 people in a club in Orlando, the other involving an alligator killing a small boy who was visiting Disney World. While each state experiences its own share of tragedies each year, many would remark that these particular incidents could be hinting that something needs to change.

While many were likely surprised to find out that an individual who was on the terrorist watch list was able to legally purchase an assault rifle in Florida (ultimately leading to the tragedy at the nightclub), the Disney World incident, in particular, has left many baffled because the preventative measures necessary to prevent that particular tragedy seemed so easy to put in place. Disney World resorts that include beaches where alligators are known to live should not be encouraging families (and children, in particular) to frequent those beaches, especially when they haven’t even put up fences keeping out alligators, or basic signs warning visitors about the presence of alligators (note: the company simply had signs indicating that you could not swim in the lagoon). This seems like common sense, right?

Previous Incidents & Duty to Warn

This is the kind of tragic issue that not only involves severe negligence, but also an incredibly tragic wrongful death issue; the wrongful death of a two-year-old child, which can be the most painful kind of loss to a family. It is obvious that the company had, at the very least, a duty to warn their guests (visitors on their property) that there were dangers associated with the property, especially since they knew of those dangers (as there had been previous incidents of children being attacked by alligators on the premises).

Disney even supposedly had full-time staff monitoring the lagoon for alligators and an open permit that allowed them to remove alligators when need be – concrete evidence that the company was aware of the dangers alligators posed to visitors. Warning visitors where there is danger, and where there have been previous incidents, is especially important given that Disney World is a known attraction for people all over the country and world, many of whom are not aware of how prevalent alligators are in the state Florida.

Wrongful Death Attorney in Florida

Losing a loved one is by far one of the most traumatic experiences anyone can undergo. This is often only compounded when this loss involves a small child whose life was cut short by someone else being careless.

In such tragic cases, it is important to hire an experienced wrongful death attorney who can help make sense of the legal and financial aspects of your loss and help you obtain damages from those responsible. By doing so, families who lose a loved one are able to hold negligent or intentional actors accountable for the damage their actions cause.

If you have lost a loved one due to the actions of someone else, contact Clearwater attorney Mike Walker to discuss your options.