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Nicoletti Walker Law Group Sept. 17, 2014

At least one man was critically injured after a nine-vehicle accident caused a Florida road to be closed for several hours. This car accident occurred when a speeding driver crashed into six cars after he swerved across the median and into oncoming traffic. An additional car was hit by debris that flew from the major crash, and the impact of the collision caused one of the cars to crash into the final car that was involved in the pile-up. The reckless driver of the speeding car was taken to the hospital with critical injuries, and it is unclear whether any of the occupants of the other cars sustained any serious injuries.

When Should You Sue a Reckless Driver?

If you have been involved in an accident that was caused by someone driving recklessly, there are several things you should consider when deciding whether to pursue a lawsuit. First, you should only sue if you have suffered severe property damage or if you and your family have sustained serious physical injuries. If the accident resulted in a small amount of property damage or only minor physical injuries, then it probably is not worth the time, expense, and energy to pursue legal action. But if the accident did result in serious damage, then a lawsuit is a tool that you can use to receive compensation for your injuries. Before you pursue legal recourse against the reckless driver, you should first find out if insurance could cover all of your expenses. Sometimes either your insurance provider or the insurance provider of the person who caused the accident will be able to compensate you for all of your injuries, and there will be no reason for you to file a lawsuit.

What Types of Injuries Can You Be Compensated for In a Lawsuit?

There are essentially two types of damages you can be awarded compensation for in a lawsuit: property damage and physical injuries. Property damage obviously includes the costs to repair or replace your vehicle, but it could also include items inside your vehicle that were damaged or destroyed during the accident. A lawsuit can help you replace damaged computers, electronics, or any other items that are typically transported in cars. For your personal injuries, you are entitled to compensation not only for your medical costs, but also for any costs for counseling or rehabilitation. You can receive additional compensation if your injuries cause you to miss work or if your injuries will result in permanent impairment or disability. You can recover wages that you lost while you were undergoing medical treatment as well as future wages that you will not receive as a result of the accident. Sometimes you can even recover for the physical pain and emotional suffering that you endured because of the car crash.

If you have been involved in a car crash with a reckless driver and your insurance will not cover the cost of your injuries, contact the experienced Clearwater car accident attorneys at Mike Walker Law.