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Nicoletti Walker Law Group Dec. 8, 2014

Pedestrians, especially ones in densely populated urban areas, are some of the most helpless users of the road. According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, every 24 hours, 445 people will suffer some type of traffic-related pedestrian injury that will require treatment in an emergency department. Furthermore, every 2 hours, about one pedestrian will die from an accident involving a motor vehicle.

Pedestrian injuries and accidents occur every day throughout the United States. Sometimes these accidents are unavoidable, but most of the time they occur because a driver did not properly operate one’s vehicle. Unfortunately, St. Petersburg and other cities throughout Florida experience a high rate of pedestrian injuries and death.

St. Pete Pedestrian Killed by Car

Last month, a driver struck and killed a pedestrian who was walking near the eastbound curb lane of 22 Avenue North and approaching the intersection of 49th Street in St. Petersburg. The accident had originally been classified as a hit-and-run. St. Petersburg police located the driver several blocks from the accident sites.

The driver apparently failed to notice the pedestrian as she traveled through a marked crosswalk at an intersection. The driver struck the pedestrian on her right side and the collision caused the pedestrian to launch into the windshield. The pedestrian then fell to the pavement. Emergency personnel transported the victim to the hospital, where she underwent surgery. The woman, however, died from injuries suffered in the car accident.

The driver left the accident scene, but stopped her car several blocks away. The driver had her infant child in the car at the time of the accident. Both the driver and her child were not injured in the crash. Police initially classified that crash as a hit-and-run accident. But, police are still investigating the crash to determine what happened. Apparently, there may be “some extenuating issues which may suggest otherwise.” Police have not filed any charges in the accident.

Pedestrian Safety Tips

Certain safety measures can be taken to reduce the risk of being hit by a car. As shown in the example above, however, the risks cannot be completely eliminated. It is impossible to account for the negligent or reckless conduct of other drivers on the road. This does not mean that one should take appropriate safety steps. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention recommends to:

  • Cross streets at designated crosswalks or intersections;

  • Increase your visibility at night by using a flashlight and wearing retro-reflective clothing; and

  • Walk on the sidewalk, but if one is not available, then use the shoulder and face traffic.

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