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Nicoletti Walker Law Group July 1, 2015

Recently, three children were injured when a waterspout made landfall in Fort Lauderdale, Florida, causing the inflatable bounce house that the children were playing in to fly in the air, and the children to fall out and land on the ground. Waterspouts are rotating columns of water and spray formed by a whirlwind over the sea or another body of water. Unlike tornadoes, they do not require a thunderstorm to form, simply a band of clouds and favorable winds to carry them from the coastline onshore.

The waterspout sent the bounce house flying out of the parking lot and over four lanes of traffic, placing the children in grave danger. All three were taken to the hospital and last were reported as conscious.

Other Incidents with Bounce Houses

Regardless of natural occurrences like waterspouts, this is not the first incident that has led to children being injured in a bounce house. Recently, two boys were also injured when one was swept into the air simply by a strong gust of wind, causing the boys to fall two stories to the ground.

In fact, according to a study done on bounce houses, injuries rose 1,500 percent between 1995 and 2010, and more than doubled between 2008 and 2010. In 2010 alone, 31 children were treated in the ER each day (or one child every 45 minutes) for injuries related to these structures.

Legal Actions for Negligence

These occurrences have parents considering bringing legal actions on behalf of their children, both against bounce house vendors and the city itself. Any structure designed to hold children must be set up to be safe and there must be adequate supervision in case something should happen to the structure.

The fact that a simple gust of wind could send these structures high into the air is alarming. This is an indication of gross negligence, both on the company responsible for building and setting up the bounce house, and potentially the city if they were at all involved in the particular event that gave rise to the incident. In any legal action brought for injuries sustained in these bounce houses, it is not only the vendor who could be held responsible, but whoever was supervising the structure, whoever leased the bounce house, the business who leased the house out, and the company that installed the structure. Any children that sustain injuries in these structures can hold the city and vendor liable due to the negligence in the control, maintenance, and operation of the bounce house.

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