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Nicoletti Walker Law Group Jan. 20, 2016

Recently, Toyota sent out a Safety Recall Notice—in accordance with the National Traffic and Motor Vehicle Safety Act—concerning multiple models and model years that could have a serious defect that could impact driver and passenger safety in certain 2006-2010 model year Yaris vehicles.

The Danger

The Power Window Master Switch assembly (PWMS assembly) controls both the driver and passenger windows, and is located closest to the driver’s door. Some were most likely manufactured without enough lubricant grease, potentially causing a short circuit to develop and leading the switch assembly to overheat and potentially lead to a fire.

While Toyota has sent out notices letting consumers know that they can inspect and repair the issue at no cost to consumers, this still leaves many drivers and passengers on the road at risk who may not receive the notice, potentially placing millions of lives in danger.

Other Vehicles Affected

The National Traffic and Motor Vehicle Safety Act requires manufacturers to recall vehicles that have safety defects and/or do not comply with federal safety standards, such as the PWMS assembly, in this instance. Other vehicles potentially affected by the defect include the:

  • 2006-2011 RAV4;

  • 2006-2010 Yaris;

  • 2007 and 2009 Camry and Camry Hybrid;

  • 2008-2011 Highlander and Highlander Hybrid;

  • 2009-2011 Corolla;

  • 2009-2011 Matrix;

  • 2009-2011 Sequoia;

  • 2009-2011 Tundra;

  • 2009-2011 Scion xB; and

  • 2009-2010 Scion xD.

Can It Lead to Accidents?

While the PWMS assembly may sound like a minor issue, in fact, safety recalls like this can lead to serious accidents, injuries, and sometimes even death. In this instance, a short circuit could lead to a fire and kill those inside the vehicle if not remedied.

If you have been injured as the result of a defect—regardless of the notice sent—you may be entitled to a personal injury and/or product liability suit. In addition, although dealerships will often guarantee that they will fix the defect at no cost, there are often significant delays in this process—particularly if many cars have been recalled. In addition, if your car still does not operate as it should after being repaired numerous times, you may be entitled to a replacement or refund instead of guarantees to repair. It is mandatory that all vehicles include basic safety features, as required by law.

Clearwater Car Accident Attorney

Car accidents are caused not only be negligent driving, but also negligent manufacturing. The medical expenses and pain and suffering associated with them can be tremendous and stay with some victims for a lifetime.

If you or a loved one has been involved in an accident as the result of a safety and/or other manufacturing defect, experienced Clearwater car accident attorney Mike Walker can help. Contact the office today for a free consultation and let Mike Walker get to work for you.