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Nicoletti Walker Law Group Sept. 11, 2014

The driver of a tractor-trailer said that he crashed into a Florida fish market because a wasp got into his vehicle. After the driver lost control of his truck, the truck hit a Jacksonville Transit Authority bus before crashing into the market. The truck crash caused the building to partially collapse and it ultimately needed to be demolished. According to a report, there are five people who suffered non-life threatening injuries as a result of the accident. Two of the injured were in the market, and three of the injured were aboard the bus. It does not appear that the driver of the truck sustained any injuries that required medical treatment.

What You Can Do to Stay Safe when There Is a Bee or Wasp in Your Car

Finding a stinging insect in your car can be a scary and unsafe experience, but there are a few things you can do to reduce the chances of this happening and to stay safe if you do find a bee or wasp in your car. One thing you can do to avoid this situation is to keep your car windows rolled up. Bees and wasps cannot get inside a car that is closed up, so keep the windows rolled up whenever possible. If you do find a stinging insect flying around your car, roll down your windows so it has an opportunity to exit the vehicle. Do not swat at it while you are driving, as this will only make the situation more unsafe. Additionally, you should stay still. The worst thing you can do when a bee or wasp flies at your head is to swat it. Just take a deep breath and stay calm, and the insect will most likely fly away and leave you alone.

Who Can You Sue if You Are Hit by A Truck?

If you are hit by a truck and the driver of the truck is at fault, then there are probably several parties that you can sue to try to receive compensation for the injuries you suffered and for the damage to your property. You may be able to sue the trucking company, the driver, the owner of the truck, or anyone who hired the drivers for the truck. To make sure you are able to sue the right people who can be held legally liable for your injuries, make sure a police report is completed as soon as possible after the accident occurs. Also make sure to get contact information and statements from anyone who witnessed the accident. If you are not sure whether you should document something, always err on the side of documenting too much information. An experienced personal injury attorney can help you determine which information is relevant for your lawsuits.

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