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Nicoletti Walker Law Group April 10, 2014

Nearly everyone has seen a legal drama, either a movie or a television show. Of course, these types of things are fictionalized for dramatic impact. The fact is, actual legal trials are quite different from what you see on TV. At Mike Walker Law, our lawyers can tell you what you should know about trials. This way, we can help ensure that your expectations remain grounded and you do not find yourself caught by any unpleasant surprises. With more than 20 years of trial experience, you can count on us to be knowledgeable tour guides.

How Do Lawsuits Work?

The fact is, litigation can often be prolonged, expensive and complex. That is why the legal team at Mike Walker Law will try to negotiate a settlement outside of court whenever possible. However, sometimes the only way to achieve justice and get the compensation you deserve is to take your case through the court system. That is why when hiring a lawyer for your injury case it is wise to consider the trail experience of the firm.

A lawsuit begins with the filing of a summons and complaint. From there, an Answer will be filed along with counterclaims and cross-claims between defendants. After the dust settles, both sides will engage in a discovery process to get a hold of all relevant evidence. Surprisingly, not all evidence will be admissible at trial. For example, if you have been in an auto accident,the jury will not be allowed to be told who received the ticket or that the other driver had insurance. The traffic report will not even be allowed into evidence. What is and is not admissible depends on the Rules of Evidence which the lawyers at Mike Walker Law are well experienced with.

It is estimated that nearly 90 percent of cases will be settled out of court before reaching the trial stage. However, we prepare every case as if it is going to trial. This enables us to put you in the best possible position to maximize your compensation.

The Trial Experience You Need

Our founding attorney, Michael Walker, has been a practicing trial lawyer for 25 years. He is a Florida Bar Board Certified Civil Trial Attorney who is also certified by the National Board of Trial Advocacy (NBTA). Both certifications require exemplary displays of experience, character, ethics and professionalism. If you are going to trial, you need legal representation who has trial experience.

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Litigation is never as clear-cut as Hollywood makes it out to be. We can help guide you through the process so you understand exactly what is happening at all times. Contact our Clearwater litigation lawyers online or call 727-797-2020 for a free initial consultation.