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According to Traffic Safety Facts from the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, 4,743 pedestrians were killed by motor vehicles in 2012, and 726 bicyclists were killed in motor vehicle crashes. Another 76,000 pedestrians and 49,000 bicyclists survived the collision with injuries. Cyclists and pedestrians both face the risk of serious personal injury or wrongful death when struck by an automobile. Both walkers and riders are completely exposed and vulnerable to a collision, and even a low-speed impact is likely to cause serious injury. Contact Nicoletti Walker Trial Firm to speak with an able and experienced Clearwater bicycle & pedestrian accident attorney today.

Bicycle Accidents

Bicycles are entitled to share the road with cars, and it is part of the duty of safe driving for car drivers to be aware of bicyclists and to give them the freedom to maneuver. In fact, Florida law requires a minimum of three feet safe distance between car and bike when a driver is attempting to pass a cyclist. Cyclists are encouraged to wear bright clothing during the day and reflective clothing at night and to signal their intentions to turn, stop or change lanes clearly and well in advance of the maneuver. However, all the care and caution in the world cannot protect a bicyclist from an aggressive or negligent driver who does not respect the right of the cyclist to be on the road. Bicycle riders face serious injury or wrongful death from collisions with automobiles or from being forced off the road by hostile or reckless drivers.



Being hit by a car is the leading cause of bicycle accidents and injuries, but a roadway in disrepair is another major cause as well. It is important to have your bicycle accident investigated by an experienced personal injury attorney who knows the proper steps to take to hold all responsible parties accountable for their negligence.

Pedestrian Accidents

In Dangerous by Design, a 2011 report prepared by the civic alliance Transportation for America, Tampa was listed among the four most dangerous metropolitan areas in the nation for pedestrians. Statewide Florida consistently ranks in the top four states for pedestrian fatalities.

Surprisingly, most auto versus pedestrian collisions occur at intersections and other places where there are designated crosswalks. In most instances, pedestrians are legally required to use crosswalks and have the right of way when using them appropriately. Nevertheless, they can prove dangerous and even fatal due to cars running a red light or trying to beat a yellow, or making a left or right turn without scanning ahead for pedestrians. Even when cars do slow or stop for crossing pedestrians, the walker may still be in danger when a trailing car suddenly decides to whip around the car in front without considering that the car was yielding to a passing pedestrian.

Help for Pedestrian and Bicycle Accidents from An Experienced, Board-Certified Injury Attorney

If you or an immediate family member have been seriously injured or worse in a Clearwater bicycle or pedestrian accident, contact Nicoletti Walker Trial Firm to speak with an able and experienced Clearwater bicycle & pedestrian accident attorney today.