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Plane & Train Accidents Attorneys in St. Petersburg, Florida

Clearwater Plane & Train Accidents Attorney

Florida Aviation & Railway Crashes

At Nicoletti Walker Trial Firm, our Clearwater plane & train accident attorneys devote extensive time, energy, focus, and resources to achieving the best possible results for clients. We take a client-centered approach to litigation, which means that the victims of plane or train accidents and their surviving family members can expect close communication from us and a case strategy tailored to their personal goals.

Plane Crashes

From Tampa International to the St. Pete/Clearwater Airport and a number of smaller airports, the Clearwater area has a great deal of flight traffic. With that flight traffic, however, comes the risk of plane crashes — especially if the pilots are inexperienced.



Many of our clients include the surviving families of small plane pilots and passengers who have lost their lives in crashes. We investigate every aspect of the plane crash, including the possibility of pilot negligence and defects in airplane design.

Train Accidents

When train accidents occur, the injuries involved can be serious. Many people are wrongfully killed each year by trains in the United States, and those who survive experience serious injuries, such as lost limbs, spinal cord injuries, and head injuries.

Trying Cases — Not Just Settling Them

Many lawyers only take cases that can be settled easily, and they handle them with no intention of going to court. At Nicoletti Walker Trial Firm, we take a different approach. We have the resources and skills to handle complex matters that must be tried. We begin trial preparation from day one, investigating the facts of the case, and consulting with knowledgeable experts.

Our opponents know of our extensive preparation. They know that we are prepared to take matters before a jury, so they are more likely to settle before we get there. This approach helps us achieve strong results for our clients — favorable settlements that reflect the true value of cases.

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