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Losing a loved one is by far one of the most traumatic experiences any human being can undergo. Often the emotional pain of suddenly losing someone close is compounded when that person leaves behind children or was the main wage-earner of a family. Wrongful death can come about because of a car accident, a slip and fall, or any other number of events.

In such tragic cases, it is important to hire an experienced Clearwater wrongful death attorney who can help make sense of the legal and financial aspects of your loss and help you obtain monetary damages from those who are responsible. By doing so, families who lose a loved one through the negligent or intentional act of another are not only compensated for their loss in some measure but, perhaps more importantly, also are able to hold negligent or intentional actors accountable for the damage their actions cause.



Wrongful Death Claims v. Survivorship Claims

Generally, in the state of Florida, there are two types of civil suits that can be filed after a person dies as a result of someone else’s actions. The first type of civil suit is a wrongful death claim. This claim is brought by the surviving family members – parents, siblings, spouse, children – of the deceased and is designed to compensate those individuals for their individual loss. Awards for a wrongful death claim can include damages meant to address the family’s pecuniary loss (lost wages) beginning at the time of death and extending into the future, the family’s loss of companionship and society with the deceased, and mental pain and anguish suffered by the survivors.

The second type of claim that can be brought is known as a survivorship claim. This claim is designed for the situation in which the deceased does not die immediately but instead suffers an injury, is hospitalized or treated for a period of time, and eventually succumbs to his or her injuries at some point in the future. This claim is meant to address the harm and suffering that the deceased underwent before death. Claims for hospital bills, treatment costs, and funeral expenses can be included in a survivorship claim. Additionally, claims for pain and mental anguish suffered by the deceased can also be brought in a survivorship claim.

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Wrongful death cases can be difficult. Not only are the emotions of the grieving family still raw, but a claim for damages requires the surviving family members to estimate the future income that the deceased may have brought in as well as put a dollar figure on the value of that person’s presence and involvement with the family. Additionally, showing that a deceased individual suffered physical pain or mental trauma prior to passing away can require the testimony of expert witnesses.

We at Nicoletti Walker Trial Firm are experienced in handling wrongful death cases. We understand the emotional pain and suffering, along with the physical realities, that accompany losing a loved one unexpectedly. Our Clearwater wrongful death attorneys are committed to helping you understand what compensation may be available to you and helping you understand the court process. We will vigorously fight for the damages you deserve.