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Case Results

Attorney Michael Walker has tried over a hundred injury cases and represents thousands of clients over his 23 plus year career. These cases represent only a few of the more recent results (client names have not been printed for privacy reasons):

$100,000 in Compensatory Damages and $500,000 in Punitive Damages in “Revenge Porn” Case

Mike Walker secured the largest settlement  in the United States in a “Revenge Porn” case. 

Read more about the case on Fox News

$3,300,000.00 Leg Fracture with Rod Placement and Arm Fracture with Rod Placement, Multiple Surgeries

Client was traveling with his son on Interstate 75 when an 18 wheeler crossed the median and struck their truck head on. The client suffered multiple fractures to his leg and arm, both of which required internal hardware (rods). His case resolved for $3,300,000.00.

$1,250,000.00 MTBI, Cervical Fusion, TMJ Surgery

Client stopped for an emergency vehicle and was hit by a large construction truck. She sustained a laceration to her head, injured her neck and jaw, both of which required surgery. She also sustained a mild traumatic brain injury (MTBI). Her injury was heavily disputed. Other defenses included that her neck and jaw conditions were pre-existing and most likely caused by two prior accidents. After extensive litigation, the case resolved shortly before trial for $1,250,000.00.

$1,050,000.00 Left Eye Rupture and Removal

Client was exiting Interstate 75, attempting to merge off, when he was rear- ended. Due to the position of his body, the impact forced his face into the side window of his car causing a rupture of his left eye. The eye was subsequently removed. The case resolved after being litigated for $1,050,000.00.

$1,000,000.00 Fractures of Lower Leg and Knee

Client was on his way to work as a letter carrier for the U.S. Postal Service. A car pulled out from a side street causing clients car to t-bone the at fault car. Client suffered multiple fractures to his lower leg (tibia and fibula) and near the ankle and a fractured knee cap (patella ). His knee cap was surgically removed and his leg fractures were treated with external hardware. There is a good probability his ankle will need to be fused in the future. His injuries caused him to be disabled from his work as a Postal Carrier. The case resolved shortly before trial for $1,000,000.00.

$900,000.00 Traumatic Brain Injury

Client was traveling with his father on Interstate 75 when an 18 wheeler crossed the median and struck their truck head on. The client suffered head trauma and a resulting brain injury. His case was resolved for $900,000.00.

$650,000.00 Neck and Back Fusion

Defendant ran stop light and the client injured his neck and low back which resulted in surgery/fusion on both. Case resolved without litigation for $650,000.00.

$356,135.00 Back Surgery After Multiple Prior Back Surgeries & Mental Health Issues

Client was a passenger in a truck involved in a sideswipe type collision with a Postal vehicle. The case was governed by the Federal Torts Claim Act. Client had a 25 year history of back problems, surgeries and disability relating to his back, chronic pain and mental health issues. After a five (5) day trial, a Judgment was entered in favor of client for $356,135.00. (It should be noted that the offer prior to trial was under $10,000.00).

$300,000.00 Back Surgery/Fusion: Prior Back Surgery & Disability; Low Property Damage

Client was a passenger in a rear end collision which resulted in little to no apparent property damage. Three years earlier she had injured her back on the job, had undergone a low back fusion and was granted SSD by her injury. She had started working (came off of SSD) shortly before being rear ended. She aggravated her low back and underwent a second surgery. This case was resolved after extensive litigation for $300,000.00.

$270,000.00 Shoulder Reconstruction and Neck Surgery

Client, who was homeless, was riding his bicycle through a parking lot when he was struck by a work van attempting to pull into a parking spot. Client suffered an injury to his shoulder and neck which required surgery. After extensive litigation the case resolved for $ 270,000.00.

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