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Tag Archives: Clearwater Accident Lawyer

New Study Reveals Similarity Between Rugby & Car Accident Injuries

By Mike Walker Law |

A study released in the recent issue of the British Medical Journal Case Reports journal—along with a letter signed by many doctors, health experts, and academics—indicates that teenage rugby players are suffering from severe injuries that typically coincide with serious car accidents. These somewhat rare injuries include, for example, acetabular fractures, which are typically… Read More »

Newest, Unregistered “Motorized Vehicles” Could Cause Issues for Pedestrians and Others

By Mike Walker Law |

Lawmakers (and parents) are struggling to keep up as a growing (but still largely illegal) fad is gaining traction and potentially causing serious danger on our sidewalks and roads. This new fad is the “hoverboard”–an invention that looks like an electric skateboard–and it is evidently this year’s “must-have” holiday item. Untested and Unregulated The… Read More »

Failure To React To Stopped Traffic Proves To Be Fatal

By Mike Walker Law |

At about 6:15 P.M. Monday, October 20, Jody Hyde, driving a Ford F-150, approached traffic slowing to a stop while driving westbound on State Road 100. For reasons unknown, Hyde failed to timely react to stopped traffic and crashed into the rear of a Hyundai Sonata driven by Eileen Wojczyszyn. As a result of… Read More »

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