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Tag Archives: Clearwater Auto Accident Attorney

Florida Facing Too Many Wrong Way Crashes Each Year

By Mike Walker Law |

According to the Florida Department of Highway Safety and Motor Vehicles, there were close to 1,500 wrong way car accidents in Florida last year, resulting in almost 1,500 injuries and 100 fatalities. In fact, it has become such a concern in the sunshine state that the Department now must reach out to drivers and… Read More »

Authorities Warn Of Car Safety Issues with Impending Storms

By Mike Walker Law |

This year, heavy, treacherous storms are expected to arrive in January, bringing authorities to warn drivers to address priority safety issues with their cars now. Florida residents are familiar with these issues and the dangers that they bring to the roads. Along with driving more slowly and cautiously as stormy weather approaches, there are… Read More »

Severe Safety Issues with Stretch Limousines

By Mike Walker Law |

As highlighted by the New York Times, many people do not realize that most-all stretch limousines have been stripped of basic safety features that regular vehicles are equipped with. This leaves them with very few chances of surviving collisions and the chances of a severe, fatal crash high. “Unnaturally” Made But why are these… Read More »

Tailgating and Car Accidents in Florida

By Mike Walker Law |

Tailgating—or following another driver too close—can be deadly. Often times, by driving right up against the other driver, there is no time and space to properly break and prevent an accident. Under Florida law, a driver is not supposed to follow another vehicle more closely than is “reasonable and prudent,” depending upon the traffic… Read More »

DUI and Hit and Runs

By Mike Walker Law |

Unfortunately, we hear stories of horrible accidents and deaths associated with driving under the influence (DUI) every day, several times a day. Florida has seen an increase in these crashes recently, with hit and run accidents involving fatalities on the rise. Even worse, some of these DUI cases also overlap with leaving the scene… Read More »

Tragic Accident Kills Two Florida Youth

By Mike Walker Law |

On May 28th, 17-year old Liza Angulo and 29-year-old Jonathan Astaphan were killed in a chain-reaction car crash just north of Miami when a tractor-trailer with construction materials pulled out onto Interstate 75 in Pembroke Pines. Both cars collided with the truck, which sent barriers toppling onto Angulo’s car, crushing it. Authorities are now… Read More »

Vacationers Beware: Common Accidents in Florida That Can Ruin Your Trip

By Mike Walker Law |

Many people will flock to Florida this summer to visit Disneyworld in Orlando, Panama City Beach, the Florida Keys, and many other popular tourist attractions in the state. Many accidents that take place during vacation season in Florida are related to water sports (boating, jet-skiing, parasailing, etc.), hotel negligence (cleaning, safety, food issues, etc.),… Read More »

What You Should Take Notes on After a Car Accident

By Mike Walker Law |

Being involved in a car accident can be very stressful. It is an unexpected event that can bring forth unforeseeable changes to the way you go about your daily life. Because it is so stressful, it can be difficult to remember everything you are supposed to do in the immediate aftermath of an accident…. Read More »

Reckless Driver Causes Nine-Car Accident

By Mike Walker Law |

At least one man was critically injured after a nine-vehicle accident caused a Florida road to be closed for several hours. This car accident occurred when a speeding driver crashed into six cars after he swerved across the median and into oncoming traffic. An additional car was hit by debris that flew from the… Read More »

What to do When You Are Hit by a Car as a Pedestrian

By Mike Walker Law |

As a pedestrian, being struck by a car can be a devastating experience. You are at a much greater risk of injury in this situation because you are completely exposed and do not have any of a car’s standard safety features to protect you. To make matters worse, oftentimes you will have little warning… Read More »

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