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Tag Archives: Clearwater Car Accident Attorney

General Motors Pays out Billions for Faulty Ignition Cases

By Mike Walker Law |

On September 5th, General Motors announced that it had settled the last two “bellwether” cases that were linked to the faulty ignition switch which caused close to 125 deaths and almost 300 injuries. These particular settlements stemmed from various cases filed in different states but consolidated in federal court, all of which were filed… Read More »

Another Airbag-Related Death, Different Manufacturer

By Mike Walker Law |

The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration has now opened a formal investigation into airbags made by ARC Automotive after one of its bags caused a driver’s death last month, potentially adding millions of cars to the already-existing Takata airbag recall. The airbag inflators produced by ARC are what investigators call “hybrids”; they use both… Read More »

Cars with Killer Airbags Still on the Road

By Mike Walker Law |

According to a new report released by the Democrats on the Senate Commerce Committee, at least four automakers (Toyota, Volkswagen, Mitsubishi, and Fiat Chrysler) are still selling brand new cars that contain the defective Takata airbags which were recalled around the world after being linked to at least 13 deaths and more than 100… Read More »

Advocates Speak Out In Favor Of Changing “Car Accident” To “Car Crash”

By Mike Walker Law |

The New York Times published an article on May 22nd highlighting the recent movement by advocates to draw attention to the human error aspects of car crashes, particularly in recent years; noting just how “accidental” these crashes may not be. They point out that almost all crashes at this point stem from human behaviors… Read More »

Nissan Recalls Vehicles Due To Dangerous Passenger Side Airbag Defects

By Mike Walker Law |

Nissan recently announced that it is recalling approximately 3.5 million vehicles, most-all in the United States, due to the front-passenger airbags potentially being defective during crashes. Specifically, regulators have been putting forth efforts to get the company to fix widespread issues with the occupant sensing system for years. The system at issue detects whether… Read More »

Drug on the Rise in Florida May Have Implications for Drivers & Others

By Mike Walker Law |

Although driving under the influence (DUI) of alcohol is well-publicized and cautioned against in our society, driving under the influence of certain drugs has been less publicized and thus less understood, potentially placing people in danger on the streets. In Florida, a drug known as “flakka” is becoming increasingly popular, often with devastating consequences…. Read More »

DUI and Hit and Runs

By Mike Walker Law |

Unfortunately, we hear stories of horrible accidents and deaths associated with driving under the influence (DUI) every day, several times a day. Florida has seen an increase in these crashes recently, with hit and run accidents involving fatalities on the rise. Even worse, some of these DUI cases also overlap with leaving the scene… Read More »

Distracted Driving and Teen Accidents

By Mike Walker Law |

A report released earlier this year by AAA alarmed parents of young teen drivers and passengers; the report stated that distracted driving contributes to almost 60 percent of auto crashes involving teens—a statistic that is close to four times higher than previously thought. The findings have some parents wondering if there should be additional… Read More »

Settlement Offers from Insurance Companies

By Mike Walker Law |

It is common after an accident to seek assistance from your insurance company; but how can you be sure that they are pursuing a settlement in your best interests? Particularly if you have suffered from severe injuries that could require ongoing medical care, how can you ensure that a quick settlement will cover the… Read More »

Study Ranks Florida as the Worst State to Get into a Car Crash

By Mike Walker Law |

Last month, a study revealed that Florida is the worst state to get into a car crash due to the number of uninsured drivers and minimal state insurance requirements. Over 23 percent of Florida drivers do not have car insurance and hit and run crashes were also up 23 percent in the state in… Read More »

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