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Tag Archives: Clearwater Wrongful Death Lawyer

Hot Air Balloon Crash Kills 16 People

By Mike Walker Law |

On Saturday July 30th, a hot-air balloon carrying 16 people caught on fire and crashed, sadly, leaving no survivors. Investigators with the National Transportation Safety Board are now indicating that the balloon hit high-tension power lines, causing it to crash into the ground and ultimately catch on fire. The F.B.I. has also been asked… Read More »

Wrongful Death in Florida after Woman Forced From Hospital

By Mike Walker Law |

On December 21st, a woman in Florida who was hospitalized for experiencing breathing difficulties was forcibly taken by police from the hospital in handcuffs and soon after “mysteriously died,” supposedly due to a blood clot issue, while in police custody. However, the woman’s family is claiming that her death was wrongful and due to… Read More »

Police Brutality & Personal Injuries

By Mike Walker Law |

Unfortunately, police brutality seems to be a regular part of our news feed these days—both in and outside of Florida—particularly now that people have the ability to use their camera phones to capture what would otherwise be one person’s word against another. For example, according to the 2010 National Police Misconduct Statistics and Reporting… Read More »

Gun Accidents and Injuries During Hunting Season

By Mike Walker Law |

As Florida opened up its first bear hunting season in over 20 years the weekend of October 24th, hunters were out in the field with bows, crossbows, revolvers, and muzzleloaders, looking to shoot the animals. Given the number of hunting accidents that have taken place in the country—some of them killing people, including children,… Read More »

Intentional Torts and Wrongful Death

By Mike Walker Law |

When most people think of personal injury, they think of car accidents, surgery gone wrong, a slip and fall accident, etc—incidents that are sometimes due to someone’s negligence, but not out of intent to bring about harm. However, any injuries that result from intentional harm can also be covered by a personal injury or… Read More »

When A Routine Traffic Stop Turns Into Wrongful Death

By Mike Walker Law |

As reported by Florida Today, the recent $6.4 million wrongful death settlement over the death of Freddie Gray has the nation engaging in a conversation about differential treatment from police at traffic stops. Perhaps this comes as no surprise: a poll conducted and released by the National Bar Association reveals that distinct differences exist… Read More »

Florida Supreme Court Upholds $4.5 Million Wrongful Death/Premises Liability Verdict

By Mike Walker Law |

The Florida Supreme Court recently upheld a $4.5 million verdict for the wrongful death of two young adults (Ciara and Chauncey Sanders, 20 and 17 years old) who were shot and killed in their home ten years ago in part due to the negligence of the building owner, who failed to fix a security… Read More »

Fort Lauderdale Hotel Found Responsible in Wrongful Death Suit

By Mike Walker Law |

This summer, a jury trial verdict awarded $24 million to a widower whose pregnant wife (Alanna DeMella) was sadly killed in an accident at the hotel three years ago. Specifically, Alanna was killed when a drunk driver (Rosa Rivera Kim) drove into a cabana at the Riverside Hotel where she was sitting. Specifically, in… Read More »

Florida Appeals Court Strikes Down Cap on Non-economic Damages in Personal Injury Cases

By Mike Walker Law |

One year ago, the Florida Supreme Court decided that a $1 million statutory cap on wrongful death noneconomic damages was unconstitutional. This month, in a unanimous decision, Florida’s Fourth District Court of Appeals extended this decision to personal injury cases. These decisions have huge implications for personal injury victims who suffer not only in… Read More »

Alleged Road Rage Killing in Florida

By Mike Walker Law |

Road rage incidents are far too common these days, and they can sometimes end tragically. For example, on July 23, a Florida man was shot to death after another man was convinced that he followed him home. Both drivers (Doyle and Gonzalez) called 911 while on the road, but reported different stories once the… Read More »

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