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Tag Archives: Pain and Suffering

Shaken Baby Syndrome & Wrongful Death

By Mike Walker Law |

Shaken baby syndrome has made headlines recently, particularly as it pertains to one infant’s death and a subsequent wrongful death lawsuit filed against her nanny, who is being accused of violently handling her and bringing about the abusive head trauma (via negligent, malicious, wanton, reckless, and/or grossly negligent acts) that caused her death. Shaken… Read More »

Fan Injuries in Stadiums

By Mike Walker Law |

There were so many incidents in which fans were hit by baseballs and shattered bats last season that, in early December, the Major League Baseball (MLB) association announced that they would be issuing a recommendation for stadiums to install protective netting in front of the more exposed spectator seats (usually near first-and third-base lines)…. Read More »

Florida Appeals Court Strikes Down Cap on Non-economic Damages in Personal Injury Cases

By Mike Walker Law |

One year ago, the Florida Supreme Court decided that a $1 million statutory cap on wrongful death noneconomic damages was unconstitutional. This month, in a unanimous decision, Florida’s Fourth District Court of Appeals extended this decision to personal injury cases. These decisions have huge implications for personal injury victims who suffer not only in… Read More »

Theme Park Ride and Related Injuries in Florida

By Mike Walker Law |

Many tourists flock to Florida each summer and throughout the year to visit one of our many state attractions – SeaWorld Orlando, Disney World, Universal Orlando, Busch Gardens, etc. But many do not realize that there are quite a few personal injury lawsuits associated with many of these locations, and they range from serious… Read More »

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