At Walker Law Group we take a straight forward approach to representing our clients, we provide each client a balance between determination and toughness in dealing with insurance companies with the compassion and understanding for the client’s unfortunate situation. We know that clients are looking to us for advice. It gives us comfort to be able to tell a client that we have been in similar situations literally thousands of times before. Experience is invaluable and we are happy to use it to each client’s advantage.

Michael Walker is Board Certified in Civil Trial Law by both The Florida Bar and the National Board of Trial Advocacy. Less than 2% of Florida lawyers are Board Certified. Board certification is a short hand way of saying that a lawyer is experienced and has demonstrated a high level of achievement in his area of certification. Michael Walker is proud of having attained this status as it demonstrates that he has been through many battles; that he and his firm willfight for his clients. In addition to his Board Certification, his experience includes:

  • Over 27 years’ experience with helping injured victims
  • Over 100 jury trials
  • Over 5,000 satisfied clients
  • Insurance companies are aware of the attorneys who try cases and those who don’t; this does affect your outcome
  • Experience does matter!

With this experience, we at Walker Law Group are in a better position to educate our clients. Educating means talking to our clients by taking the time to inform and explain. This is part of the service a law office should provide. An informed client makes better decisions and is more satisfied. Client satisfaction is the ultimate goal.

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